Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Macadamia Flawless Review

6 in 1, shampoo AND conditioner AND cuts drying time in half?! Sounds too good to be true right? I have been trying out this beauty breakthrough for the last two weeks and I think I have come to a conclusion. For me having really difficult hair anyway its always a gamble testing out new products that I'm not sure about. The idea of this is fabulous and a really exciting concept. For someone with really dry hair I think this would be perfect as its super moisturising and leaves a silky smooth finish throughout. however with me having pretty oily hair this is not the one, pretty much as soon as I got out of the shower my hair felt like I had shoved a tonne of oil in it. The drying time was quicker and it did leave my hair feeling really soft and conditioned. This is definitely not a slating post as I think this is a fantastic product and have heard many amazing reviews, it just didn't work for me. I would really recommend trying this out if you have dry hair and shampooing irritates your scalp. However this unfortunately hasn't been a life changer for me.
Hope this has intrigued some of you enough to try this out,
lots of love,
son x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Laura Mercier


Recently I had the incredible opportunity to attend a beauty sale in which I could purchase high end beauty products for a fraction of the price. I have always wanted to invest in Laura Mercier as they have made such a good reputation for themselves in the beauty industry. So when I was offered the chance to pick up some of their products I was not going to miss out! 
I picked up 4 products in total
The radiance bronze primer (£29)
The brow definer in warm (£16.50)
Lipstick in Haute Red (£21.00)
Concealer in 1 (£19.50)
I have been using all of these now for about a week and a half and its safe to safe Laura Mercier hasn't disappointed! The lipstick is a true red, is super moisturising and lasted ages! The concealer has the perfect amount of coverage for under the eyes and any blemishes and doesn't dry out the skin at all, the only thing I would say with this concealer is that if not set with a powder can crease quite badly. the brow definer, although in the shade warm is anything but. It's ashy shade is perfect for dark brows and when accompanied by clear brow gel lasted all day which is quite a rarity for brow products of mine. The radiance bronze primer is wonderful for this time of year when all of our tans have faded into nothingness but we still want to have glowing skin. All in all I am more than impressed and will be looking to expand my Laura Mercier collection soon!
Feel free to recommend your fave LM products and I would love to try them out:)
Lots of love,
son x  

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Disappointing Product: eos Lip Balms


 I don't often like to be a moaning myrtle and hate slagging products off but I cant let this product slip through the net. After hearing crazy amounts about how utterly wonderful the eos lip balms were I was overly excited about being able to get my hands on them. In doing so, buying 7 in total which I can honestly say is an absolute waste of money. I was anticipating my lips being nourished and moisturised as it is called a lip balm and I would assume it would be its sole purpose to soften and soothe lips. However this did the absolute opposite and myself, my boyfriend and my sister whom I had given some of these to experienced the most uncomfortably dry chapped and cracked lips. I am a bit baffled by the reviews saying that these are fabulous because I couldn't disagree more! I will admit to them looking pretty and being a good invention in the shape and application but these points definitely do not make up for its painful formula! Let me know if you have experienced the same kind of thing with these.
Hope you are all well and getting excited for Christmas (I know I am) which is fast approaching!
Speak soon,
lots of love as always,
son x 


Sunday, 16 November 2014

New In: Base Products

Going to New York last month meant I was able to pick up products that either aren't sold in England or are much cheaper in the states. I took this opportunity to delve into the realms of the brand Tarte which I have heard oh so much about. In particular the Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation, who has been raved about by many a blogger/ YouTuber so I obviously couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out for myself. Not going to lie this was pretty costly at around $50 dollars I believe so I am hoping that it is going to be worth it! As I haven't tried this yet I cant let you know my opinions on it however as soon as I have given it a fair try I will let you know how well it bode with my skin.
Up next is the Maybelline instant age rewind under eye concealer which I had used a couple of times before courtesy of my sister and I fell in love straight away and had to buy it in New York as it was a lot cheaper. It matches my skin tone perfectly, glides on super smoothly, has really high coverage and lasts all day! What more could you ask for? 
Let me know if you have already tried the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation and whether you liked it :)
lots of love,
son x 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Best Of Brows

Brows are something that I find super hard to get right. My brows grow so quickly that it's hard to keep a shape that I like for a prolonged amount of time. However with the help of filling in my brows I can keep them looking as best as possible. Although my hair is pretty dark my brows are quite gapy and so if I leave them I look pretty dead. I have already written a post on my brow archery HERE and I am still using this pretty much everyday for the pen however the waxy pencil side has decided to get stuck and doesn't want to be used. Which brings me on to the anastasia brow wiz, I have the shade medium brown. It is the perfect non orangey natural looking waxy pencil with a super fine nib which can be used for precision filling in. Brow wiz is about double the price of soap and glory's brow archery, however bro archery only comes in 2 shades a dark brunette and a blonde, so if you are somewhere in the middle it's probably a better idea to splurge a bit and invest in anastasias collection of 8 shades.
Powders although not my fave option, provide long lasting pigmentation and often come in ashy toned shades to suit all brow colours. The one I own is super old which I bought from eBay probably 3 years ago now. It was around £3 and to be honest I cant really fault it!
Gel/ cream is another really good choice although watch out as if the product is really glossy you can end up with your eyebrow hairs getting stuck together and just looking darker and wet which I can't say is a look I recommend going for. This elf one used to be a cult favourite in the blogosphere and still has a very good reputation for being fabulous as well as having a fab price tag of under £5.
Brow setting gels are always necessary! whether it adds colour or just sets the brows into place, I will always use a setting gel otherwise I will come home looking like I have been in a nasty accident with a razor getting too close to my brows! I haven't used the Great lash much as of yet but I can definitely vouch for the Maybelline brow drama on giving that bit of extra colour, setting the brows into place and not creating a nasty crispy- gel in hair like feeling.
I hope that this has been helpful,
please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about and I will try my best!
lots of love,
son x


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Chubby Stick Loving


The chubby stick lip pencils are doing well for themselves at the moment, they seem to withhold the exact qualities that we as beauty enthusiasts look for in a lip product. The simplicity of a pencil format makes application easy peasy and gives a really flawless looking finish to the lip. Lots of high end and drugstore brands have brought out their own versions of the chubby stick lip pencil/ crayon styled products and I have delved into this craze to sample some of my own.
Revlon has released three separate lines of the crayon lipsticks, the first being the Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, I have the shade 040 Rendezvous which is a gorgeous sheeny corally-orange shade which looks absolutely gorgeous on the lips. The kissable balm stains are pretty much what they say on the tin, sheer, moisturising washes of colour to accentuate the lip without making too much of a statement. I will say that they come with a pretty strong minty taste/ smell so if you're not really into that kind of thing (which I'm not) you either have to just grin and bear it or opt out and find something else.
On the other end of the spectrum lies Revlon's Colourburst matte balms which were released more recently alongside the super glossy crayons which I haven't tried yet. The matte balms are more pigmented, still moisturising although not recommended for dry lips as they can cling a bit to dry patches on the lips, I have the shade 205 Elusive which is a very blue tones almost bubblegum pink which again looks wonderful on.
Ted Baker is not a beauty brand which gets spoken about a lot here on the blogosphere, however I have been really impressed with the products I own from their line, these not being an exception. I have two shades which unfortunately don't have names which is slightly annoying. They have a super glossy formula with pretty high pigmentation and are really long lasting. I love the darker berry colour as I just think it really complements my skin tone well.
Its no secret that Nars is a truly incredible brand and this velvet Matte lip pencil in Walkyrie has become a firm favourite of mine. It is one of the only dark nude Kylie Jenner'esk lip products I own. I think it looks really lovely paired with a dark eye look and makes lips look more plump and all round perfected. This is £18 so as high end lip products go its not as expensive as you would expect although it is more than double the price of most of its drugstore counterparts.
Finally I wont go into much detail on this but the GOSH lip crayon in 02 flamenco coral is a really lovely cheaper alternative to the Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain and is pretty much the same colour/ finish.
Lots of love,
son x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Red That Looks Black

Included in my rather long list of beauty products I wanted to buy from New York was the Essie nail polish in Wicked which is a very dark autumnal red shade but after stumbling across this little gem Essie was long since forgotten about. I found this Rimmel polish in the shade 394 red award in CVs for $3 which in my opinion is an absolute steal. Especially as the colour is almost exactly the same as the Essie shade I had been longing for which was more than double the price. The formula is lovely as it has Lycra in it which creates a really glossy long lasting finish. I love the fact that in some lights it looks red and in others it looks black, it just makes me feel all autumny and ready for Christmas! I have been wearing this since the day I got it and I don't see it parting from my nails anytime soon! I would have taken a pic of it on my nails if they didn't look so atrocious at the moment!
I've got lots of ideas for posts coming up which I hope you will enjoy!
Lots of love,
son x