Styling My Piercings & Jumping On The Missoma Bandwagon

I think people sometimes underestimate how much jewellery can change someone's style and add to outfits. Recently, I have been seriously into jewellery and in particular earrings as I find they completely change how I look and feel. Just before Christmas, like every blogger going, I fell in love with almost every piece from the brand Missoma so therefore my Christmas wish list consisted of 90% Missoma Earrings. Their products are all so beautifully simple but make such gorgeous layering pieces. I love that they have mix and match earrings so, if like me you want to pick and mix different studs to run up your lobe, Missoma is the place to go.  I absolutely adore the moon and star hoops and haven't taken them off since I got them. I really think they add such a beautiful finishing touch to an outfit whilst not being too statement and in your face. 
I would love to know if anyone has any recommendations for other great jewellery brands as I'm always on the hunt! And let me k…

Top 7 of 2017

Moving to university at the end of this year has been a great push for me to curate my ever growing stockpile of all things beauty into a (slightly) smaller collection as I quite simply couldn't lug my entire set of make up drawers with me.

Therefore, I feel that the products I am using on a daily basis have become staples and are the products that work best for my skin-type and preferences. As we say goodbye to 2017 I thought it would be apt to relay 7 of my all time favourites to you guys in the hopes that some of you might fall head over heels just as I did.

Firstly, I personally feel it's paramount to have clean, fresh skin for flawless make up application. I recently uploaded a post about my top skincare products for a perfect base which is linked here. Once I have carried out my skincare routine I can begin applying make up, starting off with Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow Primer (Buy here - £39) which can be used on its own before foundation, or as I like to use i…

Skincare Must-Haves For Glowing Skin During Winter

The weather has well and truly turned in the UK now and the bitterly cold air has really taken its toll on my skin. Therefore, I have been trying my best to combat my dry skin this Winter through formulating a super thirst-quenching skin care routine. 
Firstly, comes cleanser and for me removing my make up properly is a big deal so I try and double cleanse on a daily basis to get rid of any product build up in my pores and just get my skin feeling really nourished and clean. My two faves at the moment are my trusty Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm  and my Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. Both of which are great at really thoroughly deep cleaning while still leaving my face feeling soft and not at all tight or dry. I particularly love using the Vitamin C+ Cleansing oil in the morning before make up as I feel like it really brightens and creates a beautifully smooth base for make up.
I then sweep across my Pixi Glow Tonic (How amazing is this 500ml bottle by …

A £3 Dupe for Jo Malone's £90 Colonge?!

Jo Malone has become such a sought after brand and it's no wonder when their scents are so beautiful and are really unique but the same can't be said for the accompanying price tag. At £90 for an 100ml bottle this truly is a luxury product that the average Joe would have to think long and hard about investing in. In comes Primark with their new range of fragrances, a little too similar to Jo Malone's cult combinations, not that I am complaining in the slightest. As I own the original Pomegranate Noir myself I was desperate to try Primark's version (Pomegranate and Black Tea) to see how well they compared and I was really shocked with how similar they are! At £3 I didn't have crazily high expectations but my hopes were exceeded tenfold.

Even down to the description Primark has used for this is a definite copy at JM "Known at Primark HQ as the scent ‘equivalent of a daring red dress’, Pomegranate & Black Tea is your new spicy and sophisticated date night pe…

7 Reasons You Need The Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette In Your Life

The internet has been going wild recently for this bad boy and with it just being released in the UK on beauty bay for a crazy £37 for 35 shadows, I knew I had to get my hands on it and test it out for myself! And WOW it didn't disappoint. I must say that although I follow Jaclyn and really appreciate how hard she works and how good she is at what she does, she isn't my favourite influencer and I sometimes find her lack of humbleness gets on my nerves. However, that is besides the point and my focus for this post is solely on how beaut this palette is. So onto the 10 reasons you NEED this in your life: 1) It has every shade you could possibly need for so many different eye looks 2) Each shade is so pigmented  3) Despite being so cheap the quality of the shadows is near perfection and they blend together like a dream 4) There is a great range of shimmers and mattes so whatever look you are going for you are bound to find the perfect shades to compliment each other 5) The palet…

Where I've Been

After a phenomenal gap year, travelling around Europe and Canada I have found myself settled back in education, studying for a degree in English language whilst living away from home in a student flat of 7 other humans who I have got to know very well in the last couple of months.  With this being my first post in way over a year, SORRY! I felt it was necessary to fill in the missing pieces from my last 15 months of being MIA. 
So straight out of Sixth Form I began a 0-hour contracted job at my local airport in World Duty Free, a job with an abundance of perks (including an insane staff discount programme to keep my make up cravings at bay) but also one too many cons (4am starts, constant targets, pressure from management and often lack of work). However, the pay was good and I needed to save for my desire to travel the world in my year of freedom. 
When March 2017 came around 2 of my dearest friends and I took off looking like tortoises, with the contents of our life for the next mo…

Beauty or just bad taste? Have brands crossed the line?

This is a piece of writing I wrote for A level English language coursework. I wanted to put it onto my blog as I felt I wanted to almost open a discussion about whether people agree with this text or not. I'd be really interested in finding out about what people think regarding this topic. Thank you in advance. Son x

Nowadays sex seems to be everywhere. People are no longer shocked at seeing a virtually naked woman on the side of a bus or billboard, everyone discusses sex and people have appeared to become immune to taboo language. As an all-round beauty fanatic myself, I have thoroughly delved into the ever-expanding world of make up products and associated paraphernalia. The one thing that never fails to shock me: the continual release of new make-up products with cringe-worthy, sexualised names.
The beauty industry is already seen by many as superficial and materialistic. Why then would the product creators want to feed further into this reputation by naming products with overt …